“ShopRVA ® Daily Deals Lucky Draw Winners Program” offers consumers the unique ability to both save money on exclusive daily deal offers and be automatically enrolled in our random lucky draw which automatically picks winners upon every 25th sale and publishes the randomly drawn winner on our Winners Page!

It’s easy to participate!  All you have to do is purchase an exclusive daily deal offer and once that offer reaches 25 sales, our software randomly picks one winner from those who have purchased the offer.  Once a winner is randomly picked, they get published on our Winners Page (for everyone to see) and then they will be immediately notified by email letting them know that they just WON!

But wait there’s more….even if you’re not randomly selected as the winner in the first 25 sales of the same item, you still can be randomly selected when that same offer reaches 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 etc. sales and so on.  Every 25 sales generates another randomly drawn winner!  So pay attention and be sure to share the offer you just purchased to your social media connections to help increase your odds of winning and to help others save money!

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