Daily Deals Offers – What are they and How do I create Daily Deal Offers?

STEP 1: Click Here Now To Learn How To Register As A Merchant To Post Your Own Daily Deal Offers.

The ShopRVA Daily Deals Platform is an exclusive and local Daily Deals website (similar to Groupon & LivingSocial) that ShopRVA.com Participating Merchant Members have access to use to create and post their very own Daily Deal Offers on.

With regard to the Daily Deal Offer, the Participating Merchant gets to decide which products or services they sell for how much, how many and for how long etc.  The Participating Merchant receives 80% of every sale made.  SHOP RVA, LLC receives 20% and a portion of some of SHOP RVA, LLC’s proceeds may help benefit local non-profit organizations.

STEP 2:  After You Have Registered As A Merchant To Post Daily Deal Offers First, Then You Can Click Here Now To Watch A Step-By-Step Video Showing You How To Create & Submit Your Own Daily Deal Offers.  Keep in mind that the more attractive your offer is, the more sales, response and social sharing your offer will receive.  For best results we recommend a minimum of 50% off.

How many Daily Deal Campaigns can I post for my business?

Once you have been authorized to post daily deals as a Participating Merchant, you can post as many daily deal campaign offers as you like.

We suggest starting off with just one daily deal campaign offer at a time at first until you get familiar with the process and feel comfortable managing your daily deal campaign.  This will help you learn the ins and outs and keep you from getting overwhelmed in the beginning.

Once you feel comfortable with the process you are free to post multiple concurrent daily deal campaign offers.  This is a great way to highlight a particular product or service or offering and keep it separated from other offers.  This allows you to track which offers work best for your particular type of business.

Test it out, have fun and remember that the better your offer, the better response you will have.

How Do I Verify My Business Checking Account With PayPal?

PayPal requires you to verify your business checking account before they will allow you to receive payments from your Daily Deal Offers. This is their way of making sure you are who you say you are and to protect you from fraudulent transactions.

To learn how to verify your business checking account watch this video:

Should you have additional questions, you can contact PayPal directly by click here.

How Do I Redeem My Sold Daily Deal Vouchers?

It is important to properly redeem your daily deal vouchers so that they cannot be presented more than once.

There are two ways to redeem your sold daily deal vouchers. The first way is to use a QR Code Scanner (as shown in the video below) to instantly scan and redeem the voucher. This requires you to install a QR Code Scanner on your smartphone. The benefit to using this option is that it allows you to instantly redeem the voucher which prevents it from being used again.

The second way to redeem your sold vouchers is to login to your DailyDeals.ShopRVA.com account and go to your Dashboard. This video here will walk you thru step-by-step on how to use this method.

How do we add New Daily Deal Offers to ShopRVA Daily Deals?

It’s easy!  First you must register and have an active account.

In the Top Right Corner you can choose to either login thru your Facebook account or Register as a new user without using your Facebook login.

Once you have registered as a New User, login and you will automatically be redirected to your “Account” page. Once on your Account page, you will see a tab that says “Business Account” with the question “Are you a business owner?”  If so, then click on the link to the right titled “Register Your Business Now” and follow the prompts to input the correct Merchant/Business information and click Save at the bottom of the page.

Once you have saved your updated Merchant/Business information, you will be redirected to your Account page. On the right side of your account page will be some tabs titled…”MY ACCOUNT, MY PURCHASES, MY CART, BUSINESS DASHBOARD & SUBMIT DEAL“.

Just click on the tab titled “SUBMIT DEAL” and begin filling in all of the information related to your Daily Deals Offer and click Submit / Save at the bottom.  You’re done.

WHO creates our ShopRVA Daily Deal offers?

The benefit of using ShopRVA’s Daily Deal platform is that once you have been approved as a Merchant to post Daily Deals, YOU create and manage your very own Daily Deal Offers for FREE!   This gives you the advantage of controlling how many offers are posted, what types of offers you post, how long your offers run etc. basically allowing you to be in charge of your own offers.

Click Here To Learn Step-By-Step How-To Submit Your Daily Deal Offers.


What are Daily Deal Vouchers and how are they used?

Vouchers are dynamically generated offers or incentives that specifically pertain to your business listing.  Think of a Daily Deal Voucher as either a Receipt or Proof Of Purchase given in exchange for your purchase.  

As a business owner, you can use Vouchers to set a limited number of available Daily Deal Offers that helps you track how many of your incentive vouchers are still available, have been sold or redeemed.  Once they’re all gone, they’re gone.  You get to set the number of vouchers you want to use along with whatever offers your want to create and use as incentives.

You can also use vouchers to help fill in slow hours, days or weeks of the month by creating a sense of urgency or a limited time offer or an incredible time-sensitive savings offer by specifying the time, days, weeks or months that the offer must be used in.  Best of all, you get to specify all of the voucher terms and conditions.

How much does it cost to post an offer on ShopRVA Daily Deals?

The short answer is that it is FREE to post your offers on ShopRVA DAILY DEALS.  

However, when someone purchases one of your offers and completes their payment transaction, SHOP RVA, LLC retains a 20% selling fee of the DAILY DEAL sale amount on each offer that sells (known as a back-end fee).   Otherwise, you owe nothing if none of your offers sell.

What are the main benefits to using ShopRVA DAILY DEALS?

Whether we own a business or not, we’re all consumers.  So there are two ways to looking at the benefits of using ShopRVA DAILY DEALS.  As a business owner and as a consumer.  Either way, the goal is to keep it local.  Shop, Save & Support Local Business.

So the main benefits as a business owner are:

  1. You’ll be directly promoting your offers on a website and App specifically branded for Richmond, Virginia, “RVA” and surrounding regions (ShopRVA.com).
  2. You only pay the 20% (back-end sales fee) once an actual sale is made.  And, the 20% is automatically deducted from the amount collected.
  3. SHOP RVA, LLC only charges a 20% back-end fee WHEN & IF a sale is made.  If nobody purchases, you owe nothing.
  4. Your remaining 80% gets automatically deposited into your PayPal account as sales are made.  This provides immediate access to your funding and keeps accounting simple.

The main benefits as a consumer are:

  1. The ability to easily Shop, Save & Support Local Business thru our website and App.
  2. Getting great deals from local businesses.
  3. Being able to easily share great offers both socially and directly with friends.
  4. Being able to get notified when other great local offers get posted.