Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  Who owns ShopRVA?

A.  ShopRVA is locally owned and operated Limited Liability Company comprised of two partners, Robert Davenport and Clay Hamner


Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A.  You can cancel your order at any point prior to completing your checkout.  Simply click on your Shopping Cart to add, subtract or delete the order then click on the Shopping Cart Update button.


Q.  How long do I have to redeem my purchase?

A.  That depends on the offer.  The merchant decides the redemption period.


Q.  How do I handle a complaint?

A.  e-mail the merchant first, then if unresolved, contact


Q.  How do I make a donation to the charity of my choice if it is not listed in the menu?

A.  Contact to add the charity.  Provide as much contact information as possible to help us list them as quickly as possible


Q. What is ShopRVA ® ?

A. ShopRVA ® / is a new and cost effective way for Richmond, Virginia and Tri-City Businesses to advertise and promote their very own products and services locally to the residents and tourists of the entire RVA region.

This is all done thru the Business Directory.  Once you become a Registered Participating Merchant Member of the Business Directory, you have access to the promote your very own Special Offers, Limited Time Offers, Track-able Vouchers, Daily Deals and more.

You can link your listing back to your website, Facebook page, Twitter page, business location, menu, multiple locations, phone and email. Best of all, you are in full control of your special offers, vouchers and daily deals.  (please keep in mind that the more attractive your offer is, the more response you will receive)

Q. How do you make your business listing a Featured business on

A. Each Main Category is created with an option to Feature your listing on the Homepage and Top Of Category page.  This option is only available for the “Featured Listing Plan“ found on the “Add Listing” page here (

So to make your listing Featured on the Homepage and at the top of the Category Page, you must first

1. Choose or upgrade to the Featured Listing Plan option found here Featured Listing Plan.

2. Click on the Main Category(ies) that fit your business model and that you want to be Featured in (this will open up all of the sub-category selections for that Main Category that you just clicked on).

3. Next, click on the very first Sub-category name that starts with ” ” and ends with the word “Featured” (this will be the first sub-category that appears once you click on the main category).  For example: If you want to be Featured on the Homepage and Top Of Category page in the “Automobiles” category, simply check the box on the “Automobiles” main category and then check the box on the “1 Automobiles Featured” sub-category.

Repeat this process for each subsequent Main Category that your business will be Featured in.  Please keep in mind that you can be Featured in more than one Main Category.  For example: a Hotel that has a restaurant, bar and adult evening entertainment could Feature itself in the “Hotels, Travel & Transportation”, “Bars, Nitelife & Entertainment” and “Restaurants, Bakery, Catering & Coffeehouses” categories.  This particular hotel would then be Featured in all three of these Main Categories increasing it’s visibility and chances of attracting more customers’.

Q. Who creates our Business Listing?

A. You do.  However, you can have your listing professionally created by us for a one-time fee of $75.00 paid in advance.  Once we create your business listing to your satisfaction, we will turn the listing over to you.  You will then be responsible for the minimal maintenance and upkeep of your listing’s information and any Special Offers or Vouchers you use.

Q. How much does it cost to list a business on

A. You can choose between the Free or Paid listing.  Each listing plan’s features are displayed here

Q. How can I view my listing’s Google Analytics to see how much traffic I’m getting?

A. If your listing plan includes the Google Analytics feature, you will be able to see the following stats:

  • Number of Active Users currently on your listing
  • Number of visitors per day
  • Week over Week Stats
  • Year over Year Stats
  • Country Stats

Q. Why should I register my business on

A. For less than $1.00 per day there are a number of reasons and benefits for registering and featuring your business on

  1. As of March 6, 2019, is the new go-to site for tourists, locals and business owners to shop, save & support local businesses in the RVA & Tri-cities region.
  2. is designed for and about the RVA & Tri-cities region.
  3. is all about helping and promoting the local business community connect and reach locals, tourists and other business owners.
  4. is locally owned and operated by residents of the RVA region.
  5. will be doing ongoing social media contests, promotions & giveaways to keep it exciting and fun for locals and tourists to visit our website again and again.
  6. will be heavily promoted thru various media channels that collectively will continually help keep us in front of locals, tourists and business owners. (social media, magazines, mobile billboards, interstate billboards, radio, tv etc.)
  7. By being a Registered Participating Merchant on, your business gains access to the ShopRVA ® DAILY DEALS website which allows you to create, manage and promote your very own Daily Deals for a fraction of what the larger out-of-state Daily Deal sites charge.
  8. You also gain access to buy and sell thru our B2B channels, enabling your business to have greater purchasing power while doing business with other local merchants in the RVA & Tri-cities region.
  9. You have access to build and promote your very own Special Offers & Incentive Vouchers to help fill in slow days, weeks or months.
  10. Our name “ShopRVA ®” says it all, it’s is easy to remember, specific to our region and says exactly what the site is used for.

Q. What information is needed for my business listing?

A. To make it an easy and user-friendly experience for viewers to look at and communicate with you, you will want to provide as much information as possible.

This includes: Company address, phone numbers, hours of operation, website links, social media links, special offers, vouchers.

Q. Daily Deal Offers – what are they and how do I create them for my business?

A. The ShopRVA Daily Deals Platform is an exclusive and local Daily Deals website (similar to Groupon & LivingSocial) that Participating Merchant Members have access to use to create, post and edit their very own Daily Deal Offers on.

With regard to the Daily Deal Offer, the Participating Merchant gets to decide which products or services they sell for how much, how many and for how long etc.  The Participating Merchant receives 75% of every sale made.  SHOP RVA, LLC receives 25% and a portion of some of SHOP RVA, LLC’s proceeds may help benefit local non-profit organizations.

STEP 2: After You Have Registered As A Merchant To Post Daily Deal Offers First, Then You Can Click Here Now To Watch A Step-By-Step Video Showing You How To Create & Submit Your Own Daily Deal Offers.  Keep in mind that the more attractive your offer is, the more sales, response and social sharing your offer will receive.  For best results we recommend a minimum of 50% off.

Q. What does the B2B section offer for RVA and surrounding area businesses?

A. The B2B section offers RVA & Surrounding Area Businesses the opportunity to market and promote their products and services to other business owners locally.  What a great way to increase your buying and selling power while supporting local business.

Once you become a Member of the Directory you will have access to the Shop RVA Daily Deals platform which will let you list and promote offers for your products and services to other Business Members as well as Consumers and Tourists.

Now you can have the best of both worlds, locally!

Q. How do I verify my business checking account with my PayPal account?

A. PayPal requires you to verify your business checking account before they will allow you to receive payments from your Daily Deal Offers.  This is their way of making sure you are who you say you are and to protect you from fraudulent transactions.

To learn how to verify your business checking account watch this video: How to Add a Bank Account to PayPal


Q. How do I become a ShopRVA ® Affiliate?

A. Go to this link and fill out the information; you must have a PayPal account to complete this form

Q. How fast does my affiliate receive its donation?

A. Usually within 24-36 hours and you will receive an e-mail notification when the donation is made.

Q. What is required of my organization becoming an affiliate?

A. To become an affiliate, you will be asked to post pre-approved banner ads on your Facebook or other social media pages that has link for customers to sign up to our e-mail database.  If you use printed newsletters or magazines, we will provide a pre-approved print ad for insertion into your publications

Q. How long does my organization need to supply these advertisements

A. As long as your organization is listed in our database of affiliates.

Q. How long will it take for my organization to receive donations?

A. There is no guarantee your organization will receive.  It is not mandatory for a customer to make a donation, but the customer has the option to do so.  It is our goal to cross-market with as many charities and nonprofits as possible to offer the best possible experience when shopping on  It is recommended your organization promote our brand to help your brand as much as possible.  We will be able to track traffic from our banners by providing your organization a tracking code for each banner type